ALM Services has a specialized group that focuses on the Rapid engineering development (Red) of electronic systems. This group has over the years focused on using digital programmable logic devices to help our customers realize their product solutions in a short period of time. With the explosion in capacity of these programmable devices, our team has helped customers achieve complex solutions within a single device. Using these multi-million-gate devices we have achieved solutions, which was only possible with several components at a board level or in some cases at a system level.

To site a few examples where the Red team has had success is designing SOCs, several components/functions were designed on a single chip which included processors, memory, buses and I/O devices, reducing cost and board space. We have also built Multi-function I/O on a single chip. We have designed complex I/0 bridge devices, which prove to be a great success as opposed to using several bridge IC chips with differing interface logic. Another area that our Red team has had success is in the emulation of SOCs and complex ASICs.

ALM's Red team gives the customer the edge in time to market, where time is of the essence. Rapid development or Rapid prototyping is the name of the game.


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