Our IP portfolio extends beyond the General list provided. The flexible and structured design of our IP enable us to ingrate with other IP, providing a faster solution. Contact us with your application needs, we will be glad to be of assistance.

IP Applications Type Description
PCI System Bus Cores Hardware ALM provides configurable IP cores: Master/Target, Target only, Host Bridge, PCI- PCI. Bus Width/Speed [32/33 64/33, 32/66 64/66]
PCI-X Hardware Master/Target, Target only, Host Bridge, PCI-X to PCI, Extended support for cPCI modules
sPCI Hardware Enhanced IP for Higher Performance, Higher slot count and custom back-planes
VME System Bus Cores Hardware VME Configurable IP: VME64, VME64x & VME320. Extended support for Host bridges and Bus to Bus Bridges
Multi-function Bus Bridges Hardware Custom configurable IP for multi-function Host to Bridge and Bus to Bus Bridges
Processes Cores Hardware 8051, 6508, SPARC, Power PC, ARM, MIPS, ARC
Multi-Function System-On-Chip Hardware Custom Configurable SOC
Communication Cores Hardware ATM, IEEE1394, CAN, Ethernet, FireWire, USB, SONET, SDH, ISDN, T1
Network IP Hardware Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, OC
GP cores Hardware UART, GPIB
DSP Hardware Processors, Filters, Modulation, Transforms, Demodulation, Correlators
Windows Bus Drivers Software VME, cPCI
RTOS Firmware/Drivers Software VME, cPCI
Solaris Bus Drivers Software VME, cPCI, sPCI
Device Drives Software ALM provides Software Drivers for most Hardware IP
Firmware Software ALM provides firmware for Board level Solutions
System Diagnostic Software ALM provides Diagnostic and bring-up software for system level solutions