ALM Services is where companies come to beat the competition in new product designs and/or enhancement of existing designs to fill a market need. We provide you with the technology edge in implementing your product ideas. When time to market is on the critical path, or your product ideas are pushing the leading edge of technology and you need real experience to implement your designs, this is where we make the most difference.

Our experience dates back to the building of electronic systems using discreet electronic components, followed by early implementation of 8-bit microprocessor designs, to today's complex multi-million gate System on a Chip. With this experience we work with you on both the software and hardware aspect of your solution so the results can be achieved in parallel and in the shortest possible time.

We have delivered leading-edge products to several of our client companies mainly in the Embedded computing space. Some of the areas where our engineering expertise has made a substantial impact are:

Industrial, Process-Control and Automotive
Military, Aerospace and Marine
Medical, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Research
World Wide Web, Internet and Telecom Sectors

Our experience in implementing both system software and matching hardware designs has resulted in high reliability product solutions for our clients. Our experience and the economic advantages makes partnering with ALM Services an obvious decision.